Seth & Jamie

I was able to assist my good buddy Scott Shoemake, (Scott Andrew Photography) in a wedding a few weekends ago. Awesome bridal party who were a lot of fun. I couldn't stop shooting this cutie, (flower girl) the whole time I was there. Really makes things fun when there are a least 10 in a party. Lots of creativ things to do.

I really got carried away with details on this one. I was second shooter so I had the ability to branch off. Note to anyone planning a wedding, always try and have your photographer bring a second shooter. Even if it's a couple hundred bucks more it's sooooooo worth it. When Scott and I are done with a wedding we have over 2,000, (thats right 2,000) shots altogether. I know some who take over 4,000!! Having too many of one shot is not a problem. Not getting the one is. Enjoy.

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