Band Shoot :: Hunters Point

One of my real desires early on in my passion with photography was to shoot a band. Why? I dunno, their cool? All of us have an inner wannabe rock star, (admit it). Really, I felt is was a chance to get creative with posing and post processing in Photoshop I wouldn't normally get shooting weddings/engagements etc. A photo could be haggard looking and folks would still dig it. Correct exposers, white balance etc. get thrown out the window and just the ultimate coolness of the photo surfaces. Guess what?.. I got my chance.

I met A.J. (guy in front on the "street crossing Beatles" shot) on a flight home from Vegas. My Photographer buddy Jared and I were on our way home from a photography conference and A.J. was there being...well,......a rock star. He was in the airport playing an acoustic guitar, (again, admit it, we've all wanted to do that) waiting for his/our flight home. Had a quick chat and found out he and his band were putting together a promo album. Asked if they'd taking their promo shots and he says no...the rest is history.

In meeting for a good place to have our shoot I suggested Hunter's Point in the City. As soon as I mentioned it to A.J. he tells me their studio is in the heart of HP. Awesome. For those of you not familiar with Hunter's Point, it is noted as one of the more dangerous parts, (more hyped that way more then anything else) of the City. Matter of fact, when the 89' S.F. Quake took place, the World Series was in Candlestick, (now Monster Park). The game was cut short and the evacuation from Candlestick was diverted through Hunter's Point seeing that the Bay Bridge was collapsed. This got bad and lots of folks had their car stolen/carjacked etc. HP got a pretty tough rap as a place not to be after hours. Tell you what though, it's a smokin place to shoot a rock band.


A.J., Walker, Rob 1 Rob 2. Thanks for being awesome.
Jared, thanks for the help with lighting. Real homie.
Enjoy the shots.


BTW~ I promise to update my blog more often. Lots have you have asked and in all honesty it's my being so busy/lazy. Okay, more lazy but I promise to do better.

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