A.J. and Mike

So yeah, basically I have the coolest clients ever. Everyone meet A.J. and Mike. I'd be hard pressed to find a cooler couple then these two in my client book, (kidding really, I love you all). These guys were so awesome to shoot for.

First a little on this couple. Mike is a very talented musician. He plays the electric bass but his talent doesn't stop just there. It's one thing to play the bass, this dude MAKES basses! And you wouldn't believe me if I told you some of the clients this guy has built for. Try the likes of, Fred Hammond, Tommy Brown, Jamie Gamble, Maurice Fitzgerald, Joshua Dunham, (Joshua is the Bass player for the artist formally known but now known again as Prince) You really need to check out his site: Zamar Instruments.
A.J. is a human resources administrator working for a Iron Mountain, an information technology blah blah blah. Here's the REAL fun stuff on A.J. The girl plays guitar and sings! She'll probably kill me for doing this, but heres a link to some singing and playing she did at a local spot. A.J. American Idol anyone? These two are just overrunning with talent.

So they met at a restaurant, (name escapes me) at Santa Row in San Jose. Matter of fact, Mike happened to be playing bass that night with a group He's with every now and then. If I understood the story right, A.J. approaches Mike first. She asks him a question and Mike turns around and walks away! Why, cause he is so attracted to her and rather then saying something that would make no sense whatsoever cause of the sheer nervousness, dude cuts and runs. Smooth Mike, real smooth. Actually, Mike is one of the more smoother guys I know but it just goes to show what girl can do to a guy. Long story short, Mike ends up talking to A.J., they hook up, start dating and February 14th of this year, he decides to propose. Way to go you guys.
We had our session at the location where Mike proposed. Communication Hill was new to me but after being there a few minutes I could see why it was the place Mike chose to propose at. Just gorgeous. Enjoy the shots guys as I enjoyed taking them.



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