Lynna & Jesse Willoughby

Two of my most favorite people got married a couple weeks ago, and I had the distinct privilege of photographing their day. I was a little partial to this wedding firstly because I've known Lynna since she was about 10. I've known Jesse for about 8 years. Wow, time has flown. Seemed just months ago that they started dating.

Their choice for the ceremony and reception, The Corinthian Event Center in downtown San Jose, was extremely classy. The place had Lynna written all over it. This was a very lovely and emotion filled wedding. More than most I've been to. Everyone could tell this was a couple truly in love. It was very magical.

I did some off camera strobing along with lots of black and white. Her vintagesk, (is that a word) dress I think called for it. By the way that dress was designed completely by Lynna, wowzers, right? Leading the front of the pack in one pf the above picture is Kuyah, (big brother in Tagalog) Ryan. Matter of fact, Ryan is MY best friend and he was the guy who designed the Hassas Photography logo. Truly talented and from the pictures you can tell he loves his sister.

For those that stop by and know Lynna & Jesse, take a minute and write note of congrats. I'm sure they'd appreciate it. Take care and enjoy the pics.


BTW~ the HAM you see riddled through these faves of mine is Ryan's son Luke. He is pure awesome. He prayed for all the groomsmen while getting ready. He was dead on image of Ryan when he was younger, but now he is looking more like his momma.

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