My Nephews: Babies

Before I talk about these cuties and my sister whom they call mommy, I'm gonna give you some premble. I get a steady stream of emails asking about my techniques, equipment used and locations I shoot often. Prepare yourselves, I'm making a "what would Sam do" post very soon. Among those question's I often get the question, "where are you from". By "from", I'm guessing they mean originally as I consider myself an American. With a last name like Hassas, (said: Ha-sauce) I figure it's fair enough to wonder.

The name is Afghani as I am from Afghanistan. Born there too actually, just too young to remember anything. During our families migration to the U.S. we made Germany our home for about a year+. This is where my sister comes in. Siely, (my younger sister) was born there and there MUST have been a mix up at the hospital during her birth. While ALL the rest of us Hassas's have dark hair, dark eyes and olive skin color she showed up.......well.......German looking. Green eyes, fair hair color and milk white skin. Somewhere there is a 20 something year old women who looks like me with the last name Fenstermacher, I just know it.

These are her gorgeous twin boys. My Nephews. One of them is clearly German....................heil.


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