WWSU:: Get Lighroom, Get Presetopia!

My newest blog series! WWSU - What Would Sam Use. Look for monthly updates. YAY!

Abobe Lightroom

In my endeavor to help the photographers with their passion for the art, here is some more secret sauce to making the awesome. For a photographer, good workflow software is crucial. Adobe Lightroom is argued to be the best their is. Simple layout, easy navigation and HUGE on after effect. My photo edits are almost purely finished with Adobe Lightroom. Yes, it's that awesome.
For the total newbie, here are a plethra of video classrooms on youtube that will get you going in no time: ImanewbieandIhatereadingmanualsandneedvideoslikesamtolearn

Presets and Presetopia

The magic of LR is that once you've dialed in a "look" you like on any particular photo, that "look" can be saved as a preset and used on ANY photo you'd like from there. Though it my need some tweeking here and there as from from picutre to picture you'll find presets will save you buckets of time. Don't wanna go through the litany of creating you own preset? I HAVE YOUR SOLUTION : Presetopia

All images below are from the genius that is Spencer Boerup Photography located in Tucson. All these images were also doesed with the magic of presetopia. Pure awesome.
In his 75 preset pack you'll find an insane amount of options to make your images go from drab to fab. Check out this link to see some before and after results he has. Lots of diffent looks to just one photo: Samples. What you see below are the results of almost 1 click from the original. He convientanly has insrutctions on installing along with how-to's and a 12 minute instuctional video. Easy, easy.
For all my blog readers he has graciously provided a $5 off coupon for the purchase of his 75 preset pack. Use this code: samgotthehookup

YAY for Lightroom. YAY for Presetopia!

1. Hot Punch!
2. Warm/Blue Heavy
3. Vignette +3

1. Backlight +3
2. Warm/Purple Heavy
3. Sharpen +1
4. Portrait Punch

1. Backlight +2
2. Warm/Blue Heavy

1. Hot Punch!
2. Vignette +2

1. Super Velvia
2. Increase in standard color temperature

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