The Rainy Engagement Session :: Valerie & Trip

These guys live in India. Pass the Naan.

Had a great session with these two while they were in the states a few weeks back. Trip and I have eaten at he same Brazilian Steakhouse in North Carolina. Weird coincidence.
Valerie is a mega-super-duder-TV Star on the tubes of India. Yes, India. While living there pursuing and her career she landed a spot on a reality TV show, (think, The Apprentice meets Bollywood) called "The Pitch". She is one of 10 contests and last we spoke they are down to just 3 and she's still IN!!. Prize is 1 Million towards your business. Man! Fingers crossed guys.

I'll have the pleasure of shooting their wedding in the ever beautiful Oak Farm Vineyards in Lodi Ca. Remember this Place? Oak Farm Vineyards Wedding

OH!!! and, Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

One of my faves.

Okay, here's a little background on this shot. Valeries ring wasn't available for the shoot. Jewelers were getting it prepared for some final touches. She was bummed. Oh well. Trip pulls some strings and unbeknown to Valerie, he gets the ring!! While on the session, we stage a shot where she is supposed to act surprised for a proposal reengagment. Seeing that she's an EPIC TV star, faking a surprised look shouldn't be too hard. The ring inside was supposed to be a fake I bring to every session. It was not. The reaction is genuine. This was her REAL ring. HAPPY!

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