San Francisco Engagement Phototgrapher :: Liana & Mike

Random shoe fact: You can visit the Smithsonian in D.C. to have a glance at Dorthy's Ruby Red Shoes.

Sometimes the planets align and a location works seamlessly with the couple and their attire. I couldn't have asked for a more perfect backdrop. Liana & Mike will be getting married at the Westin St. Francis. Not sure a wedding venue gets any better then there either. They get 5 stars from The Sauce.
Always a big thanks to Scott Mosher for helping out as assistant here. Your hands are always appreciated bud. THANKS!!

Random blog ending: Making sure your leathers match will result in awesome.


Liana, in the event you ever get get laid off from whatever you do for a living, I'd say you'd be a shoe-in here. You're just fierce!
Forgot why they were laughing. It must have been hilarious though.

Note to photographer. You need a permit for Yerba Buena Gardens. :S
(I actually knew this in advance but we tried our luck anyway. Lasted all of 4 minutes.)

One of my faves. Took 2 attempts to get this one.

Yours truly. Thanks Scott for the help!!
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