Wedding at the Intercontinental Hotel San Fransisco :: Janice and Phil

Janice and Phil are just plain cool. Crazy cool. They had a cool bridal party, cool parents, cool EVERYTHING. Janice had the coolest last maiden last name of any of my brides to date. Leguidleguid. YES! So nice you gotta same it twice. (quote from Phils best man during his speech. :) Their wedding was at the fabulous Intercontinental Hotel in San Fransisco. My first time shooting there and I was though-roughly impressed. Very recommended. As a rating, it receives 5 packs of "Sauce". Ceremony was at the Church of the Epiphany. Always a great place to shoot.

Amongst the LIVEST wedding receptions I've ever had the pleasure of shooting. When they were introduced at the reception it was PANDEMONIUM. Janice and Phil's, your wedding was placed in a mold and then the mold was broken.

Big ups to Quan for helping as second shooter once again. Images he took are marked below. Also want to say thank you to Jerry for help once again as assistant. Thanks for bringing it once again guys.

Happy Sunday blogsphere.


Quan's photo
Quan's photo

Man, this shot is awesome if I don't say so myself. :P

Quan's photo.'re a stud.



One of my faves.

Belongs in your future game room Phil.

If there is an image that captures this couple perfectly, it's THIS.

Quan's image

I love this. Hi Janice!
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