Colour Chameleons

Here's a list of celebrities who are real colour chameleons, especially when it comes to their hair!

We can all agree that the queen of hair changes is no other than Barbadian singer - Rihanna!
When she debuted her first ever single, Pon De Replay, she rocked long brown locks, and she has showed off 13 other new hairstyles since, from short black, to a red afro, she has done it all, which is exactly why she is the number 1 colour chameleon!

Second is Californian girl, Katy Perry, who is originally a blonde! Did you know that?
She's a real diva who isn't scared to try new things, which is why she has earned second spot!
From her gorgeous black hair, to her crazy blue & highlighted hairdos, she has done them all!

The owner of our third spot is bad girl Lindsay Lohan, who has changed her hair colour numerous times over the years. From her natural ginger locks, to her long dark style and her current blonde hair, she sure has tried almost every colour there is!

Twilight babe Kirsten Stewart comes in fourth place! She has rocked short, long, light, dark, and  she even sported red hair!

Fifth is the gorgeous Jessica Alba, who has been known for changing her hairstyles and colour, mostly for film roles. She's a natural brunette, but she sported blonde hair numerous times in movies like in Into the Blue and Fantastic Four!

Here's the rest:

Kate Beckinsale
Leighton Meester
Jessica Biel
Audrina Patridge
Ashley Simpson
Evan Rachel Wood
Kim Kardashian
Scarlett Johansson
Agyness Deyn
Nicole Richie
Ashley Tisdale
Britney Spears
Christina Aguilera
Mischa Barton
Cameron Diaz
Renée Zellweger

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