Shine with Shiseido's new lipstick

House of Shiseido offers a new range of lipstick entitled Shiseido Lacquer Rouge, come in colors and bold, powerful and remarkable features specially formulated to take care of Bashvtic to the maximum degree awarded by the rich luster and color desired.

Lipstick Lacquer Rouge beauty of the design expert "Dick Page," which is available in eight degrees of graphic arts inspired by the Japanese, namely:

- Red blood

- Dark brown

- Alvochea dark

- Alvochea bright

- Pink

- Beige (color strings)

- Dark red.

- Orange yellow italics

With the continued use of red lips Lacquer Rouge, it save you from austerity, dry lips, forever and keep it soft and silky texture and composition advanced by that containing "Super Hydro-Wrap Vitalizing DE", Tllk active substance that preserve skin moisturizers for hours.


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