How do you choose the right mascara

To choose the mascara for you, first you must determine the impact that would like to get for your lashes, and accordingly choose the type that meets your needs.

Mascara make-up of tools, which should not be the type of poorly so as not to spoil the lashes and cause weakening and Fallen.

If you want to get on the impact of heavy and rich for the lashes, choose the type of mascara for eyelashes intensive "volumizing mascara", which comes with a brush and many large capillaries. Try Lancome Mascara Lanc? Me's Hypn? Se Drama Instant Full Body Volume Mascara or Mascara L'Oreal L'Or? Al's Voluminous False Fiber Lashes that contain fiber, which helps to Thbat lashes.

In case that the lashes very poor, use a mascara that gives the highest density and resistance to water, and wait 20 seconds between the status of each layer, and do not even Taatktl mascara, mascara brush Use a clean and rake the lashes.

If you want to get on the effect of long lashes, try mascara lengthy "lengthening mascara" such as Rimil Mascara Rimmel's Lycra Lash Extender.

In order to get the dry form and specific and non-lumpy of eyelashes, and seek the help of the types of mascara brush bristles equipped with short-to help separate the lashes from each other and cover the capillaries, which are difficult to access. Put the swab one and fast from the roots up to the parties.

Finally, to get the eyelashes bent upward to increase the breadth of your eyes and Ahractha, use mascara to eyelashes curly "curling mascara" such as Mascara Urban Decay's Supercurl Curling Mascara, mascara These contain a summary of the wax, which helps to bend the eyelashes and stability in its place.   

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