Paris: Soarehat Elie Saab and Valentino

Experiencing Paris these days at Fashion Week, attended by major international fashion houses. Fashion shows vary significantly mismatch is to fashion an easy day and work wear, including what comes of the evening. The Valentino and Elie Saab of the highlights of fashion came Soiree for the upcoming fall season.

Despite the different fashion models made by both of them, but they shared a thin account details in fashion. Came some Valentino dresses of chiffon colors thin and Bstyl Albulise Add to cornices adorn the whole dress or Tnorch which adds femininity to your look in the evening.

The group included Valentyon dresses decorated with floral motifs circle such luxurious satin dress dark blue

The Soarehat Elie Saab has been dominated by golden color Bdrjath is a Fashion autumn colors, like the dress of the hill and golden chiffon beaded matte  Gold Metallic.

Has also been submitted in the wedding dress is dominated by golden embroidery.


The heavy embroidery of the most important feature of Elie Saab fashion, where it came from some entire dresses designed such of Allasé embroidered black dress. .
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