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Ethan's' Test ~ Aug 2004Jon~Paul's Test ~ Jan. 2008

Well this may be a little belated however it still makes for good fodder and another blog entry. This will make numero 2 for the Hassas household. If all goes according to plans, Ethan and Jon~Paul won't have any other brothers or sisters. Were both pretty much decided on Jon~Paul being the name for the new one and oh yeah, it's a boy. Funny, Moni bought a "pink" pregnancy test with Jon~Paul. I think it was kinda wishful thinking on her part. When we were with at the doctors getting the ultrasound done and he announced that it was a boy Moni had a little moment. She says she will miss being able to do girlie things with a daughter. She has already designated herself as wedding planner with some of the girls from our church. She has to get her fix somewhere.

As for me, I will have 2 partners in crime to take over the world with. Telling Ethan about his new brother has been a challenge. You can already see some of the tendencies that take place with an only child that now has to share the 2 greatest heroes in his life. I think he'll do just fine. Neither Moni nor
I were only children. You kidding me, Moni is half Mexican and I'm Middle Eastern, (Afghani). Both races breed like rabbits. I have one older brother, 2 sisters and a half sister. Moni has one brother and 6 half brother and sisters. Talk about the Brady Bunch.

During Ethan's first year I had taken over 10,000, (yes 10,0000) pictures of him. "Cheese was one of his first words. I think many pro~photographer get there start in photography by taking a gazillion pictures of their own families first. That was the case with me anyway. Look for future blog entries with "the boys" in the not so distant future. BTW Moni and I are kinda undecided on a middle name. We have set up a little poll with several would~be names we can decide on. Help us out and vote on your favorite. Check out her blog here. My choice happens to be Zion. Thanks guys!
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