The Keyes/Johnson Family

My favorite one in the set

I had the pleasure of photographing a very special family a few weeks ago. To the friends and family who frequent my blog often, you will know who they are. To all the others, Pastor Randy Keyes is the Assistant General Superintendent of the United Pentecostal Church otherwise known as the UPC. I remember growing up and hearing this man preach, buying his tapes and then memorizing SEVERAL of his messages. Though thousands heard his messages, my audience comprised of stuffed animals and an occasional hairbrush. And here years later I get the opportunity to have a photo session for him and his wonderful family. Brother Randy Keyes has been an icon in our movement. Being with him and his family was like being around royalty. After being around them a few minutes I saw that they were a down to earth loving family. Really great people.

Pastor Todd Johnson was one of my, (as well as many of my preacher buddies) favorite young preacher growing up. I remember him preaching a youth camp I was at with his title being "Can you worship with a knife?". Bro Johnson if your reading this I never forgot the message. It had a great impact on me as many other that were there that morning. In the middle of his message he pulled out the biggest Ginsu you've ever seen in your life. Scared the fire right out of us. For those wanting to known what the message was about, buy the tape and sell it not. Here's a ink to their great church, Revival Center.

I love this one below! Pure child magic.

Check out the little ones expression. Pricless.

Suave dude isn't he?

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