Chelsea & Joe :: Wedding

Good people = Good photographs. Awesome people = Spectacular photographers! Such a cool vibe to this wedding. Felt the love, the magic and the support by all that were there. Chelsea was quite the lady in her dress. You beamed sweetheart. Joe couldn't have been happier. On a real personal note, there is much in store for this dynamic duo of a couple. I'm SO proud of you both, (we ALL are). God bless you both on your launch out in a new life..

A shout out to Ayden for coming out to play on this one. Thanks for the help my man. You did good bud, really made the difference.

Enjoy the show. (First Church, show some love to Joe and Chel with a post-wedding congrats!)

I title this shot, "Average Joe". Get it?, cause his names Joe, the Nikes, the wedding da....never mind.

The best things come to those who...

Ummmmm, my idea :)

The Ying & the Yang, The Up & the Down, The Sweet & Sou........ you get the idea.

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