Brittney & Stephen :: Wedding

Shot this one in Texas. First time there to. Nice place. Good weather. Clear skies. Pretty landscapes. Tall buildings annnnnnnnnd........people carry guns. I made sure not to cut anyone off while I was there ;) The southern accent thing just kills me. I love it. I found myself saying "y'all" my last day there evan.

Brittney and Stephen tied the knot back in February. Fun wedding and a great group of people. The wedding ceremony was at very pretty place. Not too much like it here in Cali. It was a breath of fresh air from the modern themed architecture we have in the Bay Area.

We also went out to downtown Fort Worth for our night shots. The wonders that can be done in a parking garage. What to say a big thanks to Philip Joseph for helping as second on this one. Your a rock star bud. Thank you. Check out his take on the day with the guys here.

Look for about a halve a dozen more posts in the next few days. I have LOTS of new stuff on the horizon. I'm CRAZY busy. Fun and challenging at the same time. Its Fanlenging. (another one of my made up words)

Friends and family of Brittney & Stephen, feel free to say a congrats to the newlyweds in the comments bar.

During my time Texas I actually stayed at the grooms house. While I was there alone the evening before the wedding, I did this Easter egg hunt with my business cards. It was purely for my own amusement and realized later it would be great blog fodder. I hid about 20. The couple STILL calls me to tell me they found another. I'm so silly :P
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