Melissa & Joe :: The Castle Engagement

All the pre-engaged dudes that follow the blog need to take notes here. When you decide to propose to your girl, do it at a castle, k? Kinda hard to top Joe. Good going my friend. Melissa, you landed a great guy. Want to thank the good folks at Castello Di Amorosa for allowing us to come down and use your wonderful castle as a backdrop for this great couples engagaement session. Melissa & Joe, we'll see you guys at the alter in just a few weeks ;)

For all those that were wondering were the Hassas has been, myself and the family had a wonderful ecape from reality at Walt Disney World in Florida. While there we met up with the very talented Tony Shreiber and family. You guys are soooooooo awesome. You guys made the visit so special. Ethan misses you terribly. :(
Get this, Tony and I shot a wedding IN DISNEY WORLD!! Look out for the magic very soon.

Cheers my friends and enjoy the shots. Happy Tuesday!!


Celine Dion anyone? Come, like twins if you ask me. :)

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