The Disney World Wedding :: Orlando Florida

Shot another one with my man Tony Shreiber. This time around I was able to bring the family. Look for a "family post" here real soon. We had family vacations being our first rip to Disney World. SO AWESOME!! Tony you are a great host.

For all my readers that live in Florida, I ask the question, WHY? So yeah, Disney World is there, granted but 102 degrees at 11:00 PM??? Good lord it was hot. Crazy hot. Too hot for humans. The wedding was really awesome however. Such a good time. Most all the guess were Canadians. Yay Canada!!

Thanks for the look guys. Love peace and hair grease.

When you see it..........

My boss for the day. Isn't this just so fitting. He shoots in the air conditioned room while I'm out side with mosquitoes the size of hawks. ;)
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