Zipadee Doo Dah

Had a grand time at the Happiest place on Earth. Was shooting a wedding with a fellow photographer, (Tony Shreiber) and decided to take the family with me for once. He and his family were extremely generous. We shared a hotel suite and they were kind enough to allow us the room with the jacuzzi. OH MY GAWD was it awesome. I spent about 10 hour over the course of the 3 days in it.

The wedding was on a Thursday and we arrived on Monday. Lots of first for my family.:

My wife, Monica and Ethan's first time in Florida.

All 3 of our first time in Disney World.

Ethan's first roller-coaster.

To Tony, Maggie, Alex & Max, Thank you for being so kind to my family. You showed us a grea, GREAT time. Ethan will never forget you. :) The only downside was leaving "Goog's" with family. We missed you bub.
Ethan's first Roller-Coaster. By the look on his face it's certainly not his last.

The Wifey. :)

Chicks dig scars
Ethan's expression just makes me die. I LOVE IT.

Tony & Maggie

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