The Blue Bomber Crew

I'm a member of First Church San Jose. At our church we have a Sunday School Team bus ministry appropriately named, "The Blue Bomber Crew". The word to describe these soldiers is incredible.
Every Saturday morning they canvas the local neighborhood here in West San Jose looking for folks wanting to join us for Sunday Morning Service. That following Sunday, they wake up as early at 5 and 6 o'clock, crank up The Blue Bomber and bus in up to 200+ folks for Sunday School. At times the bus will make 3 and 4 trips through the neighborhood and back to get the people to church. This ministry is at the core of what we do at First Church. The heart beat if you will. Below are some of the faces of those that are on the front line.

To the Blue Bomber Crew, you are AWESOME. Eternity will tell the POWERFUL impact your having on our City.

Don't stop.

March on.

Reach them.

Teach them.

Love them.

Godspeed young people. We love you.


More valuable then any Superbowl ticket you'll ever come across.

Turning our world upsidedo............

Inside joke. Blue Bomber FTW

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