Wedding at Oak Farm Vineyards, Lodi Ca. :: Sarah & Clay

Here's another one I've been waiting to blog. Good grief, THIS wedding was crazy. Sarah & Clay got married at this amazing place. Oak Farm Vineyards is just off The 5 in Lodi California. Who knew such an great place was nestled away in Lodi!? Whats more about this wedding was all the friends I got to see. The Rock in the house!!

Current brides, have look. The group shots were the result of good planning and providing enough time. Extra time = Extra Awesomes. You guys spoiled the photographers. :) THANK YOU! This set is also proof positive that a second shooter is SO good to have. Quan killed it. I think this is the most shots I've showcased of his in any given wedding. You did awesome good sir.

Lastly, if you found yourself drooling over the suits the gentlemen were wearing, you should know they were all hand tailored by my friends over at R.Douglas Custom Clothiers. I see this as a no-brainer. Your groomsmen are gonna fork over a couple hundred on a rented tux as is. For another few bills, they can all be "Double OH Awesome". Best part, when the wedding is over they get to KEEP the suit. Check em out: R. Douglas Custom Clothiers. They run great specials for wedding parties.

Friends and family, please feel free to say a word or 2 to the newlyweds i n the comment section below. Visiting photographers, tell Quan how bad he is.

Happy Tuesday folks.
Shot by Quan

Shot by Quan

Shot by Quan

Shot by Quan
Shot by Quan
J. Crew called, they want their models back.
A random formal. The Gentlemen on the far left and right are both hero's of mine. Just wanted to post it. :)

they thought of everything, argile socks included.

Shot by Quan

This was WOW. Shot by Quan

Among my favorite group shots ever.

Custom lining!? I wish I was this cool. Actually, I am. I own a suit made by RDouglas. ;)

This cake smelled SOOOO good.This shot was not Photo-shoped.

A behind the scenes shot. Thanks for stopping by folks. :)
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