Berkeley Wedding Photographer :: Will & Grace

"I was there and I saw what you did I saw it with my own two eyes "

~Phil Collins

This is Will & Grace.....yeah yeah, they've heard it a thousand times. They love music. We shot their session at Amoeba in Berkeley. Can I stop for a sec and tell the folks at Amoeba that they ROCK!!!!!!!!! What an awesome group of people. Thanks for allowing us to take over the store for a 1/2 hour. (Rasputin didn't even call me back! BOOOOOOOOOOOO).

Believe it or not, Will and Grace got married over the weekend and are in South America somewhere right now!! Guys, if you're reading this, bring me back something cool. :P

Enjoy the shoot my fellow stalkers.

Next up is one of my favorite weddings of the Year. Jennifer and Eric, prepare for a wedding photo apocalypse.


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