The Backyard Wedding :: Brianne & George

My name is Sam Hassas..............I'm a backyard-wedding-photographer.

To be awesome, the quintessential backyard wedding needs the following:

~taco bar with all the fixings
~a competent DJ with mix skills that rival a kitchen-aid who brings his 8 yr old son to gigs
~a chic-officiant that resembles Denise Richards on her best day, (Hi Marianne!)
~a gorgeous bride with tattoo sleeves
~a groom with a best man who fended off a bear with his own hands to save the groom during a recent camping trip, (this didn't really happen but man, that would have been so cool right?)

Be honest, your completely jealous that I have the coolest clients. Tis true, tis true.
Brianne and George graced my blog several months ago while riding atop their beach cruisers and wearing black nail polish, (not George, just Brianne but whatever floats your boat right?)I cant even begin to describe the amount of love at this wedding. So many tears, laughs and genuine emotion. I got chocked up many times during this wedding. (I'm not just saying that. These guys love each other and you can really feel)

This is going to sound arrogant but who cares. If I've ever felt like I nailed the feel and essence of a wedding via photo, I've done it here. Brianne and George, may your future be filled with much awesome. You both sooooo deserve to be happy.
Thank you Quan for hangin out on this one. We talked about this wedding all the way home.

Fellow blog followers, please view these images with pause. This set is very special to me.

(guess what, it's 4:36 a.m.)


I cried here. You would have too.

The exact instructions I gave the group for this shot was, "give me spooky owl". Nailed it.

Actually, I have to credit Ashley DeOliveira, (a bride from a recent wedding at Casa Real) for the inspiration for this shot. She requested a similar composition for her wedding but we ran out of time and never got to shoot it. :( It came to mind while shooting here and we did it! B&G, consider this a Christmas present from Ashley. You've never met her but she loves you guys. :P

Brianne is a big baby. She cried and cried.....and then we all cried with her.

Love this.
You don't take a bad photo Bri.
Ms. Richards, (Marianne). You are awesome girl. She was a bridesmaid, officiant and made the the most heavenly cupcakes for the wedding. I think it's fair to say she loves the bride. Thank you Marianne!

mein fuhrer?
Please excuse the grooms man on thee far left. He didn't realize my blog is supposed to family friendly.
Love this.

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