Julia Morgan Ballroom Wedding :: Faye & Henry

(Perhaps my favorite starting image for any wedding on my blog)

Well.........get ready for the awesome.

I've shot 150+ weddings. Of those 150 weddings, THIS wedding comes closest to wedding perfection that I've personally witnessed. YES, I just said that. When I first started shooting weddings, I had an idea of what the quintessential S.F. wedding was. When I walked into the ballroom to start my documentation for the day, it dawned on me that THIS was that wedding. Faye and Henry knew exactly what they wanted and watching their vision come to fruition was a thing of beauty. Weddings are usually filled with at least one or two snags, (sometimes making for some great photography quite honestly). However this one ran on all cylinders the entire day. You guys should be commended. What a beautiful, spectacular day guys. WOW!

Further down, I'll give a play by play of what we're witnessing. Before my current brides get too nervous about their own days, I should note that Faye does wedding planning as a living. I even use her time-line as a sample to all current brides that would like one. If you're interested in her services, let me know and I'll put you in contact.

The backdrop for this incredible wedding was The Julia Morgan Ballroom in San Francisco. Julia Morgan was the architect that designed the colossal, Hearst Castle in San Simeon Ca. Before the ballroom was the ballroom it was home to HER own office. Much of what you see there is directly inspired from what she created in Hearst Castle. Nothing short of amazing. A photographers dream to shoot. Almost cheating......almost. ;)

Quan was my second for this one. (check out the latest Standford Wedding on his blog. BRILLIANT!) Appreciate the hand my friend, ALWAYS. A few of the images below were shot by him. I'd say we killed it Quan, yeah?

Hair and MUA - Christal Saville
Wedding Dress Maker - Lazaro
BM Dresses - Jenny Yoo
Shoes - RSVP
Florist - Branch Out Floral & Event Design
Wedding Bands - Joe Escobar Diamonds
Caterer - Componere Fine Catering
Dessert Bar - Componere Fine Catering, Faye Yang
Cake - Torino Baking
Lighting - Enhanced Lighting and Sound
DJ - Robey Saylors, Elite Entertainment
Ceremony Quartet - Paul Binkley & Company

Gonna due my best to continue pushing out more sessions, (weddings, engagement and portraits). Got a lot on the plate currently. Your patience is always appreciated guys. :)

Happy Tuesday!!

Great MUA here. Christal Seville even has her own make-up line!

yeah, I love reflections. Should note that we were across the street at the Omni hotel SF.
Quan like reflections as well.

The first look.....
The emotion...
Love this.

FAYE!!! Say hi Faye.
just.........man. Wow. All flowers and arrangements were done by Leighsa of www.branchoutflowers.com
My favorite florist PERIOD. Love their work.
Image by Quan

I try for this shot every wedding. :)

We were better....HA!!! I'm so modest.

Only in SF.

The detailed collage that makes all other detailed collages quiver in fear.

Okay, Faye and Henry are both musicians. The entire wedding has a "symphony theme. Matter of fact, we used this theme for their engagement session.
Just after they made their grand entrance, they treated their guest to a 5-7 minute duet. IT WAS BONKERS!! The entire time all you heard was the elegance of symphony music. The second they finished, the place ERUPTED in applause. What a start to an amazing reception. I should note that Henry is usually a trombone player. As a challenge to himself, he decided to take up the Cello, (or is it Chello?) and play it with almost no history prior to the wedding prep.

I believe this was their first symphony together. A good juxtapostion I'd say. ;)
awwwwww. Happy bride.
What a sweet moment.

Henry was.....well, ATTACKED.
The end. WOWZERS GUYS! What a ride. :)
My and Q. What a stud right?
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