Wedding at the Galleria SFDC :: Melissa & Tam

Before you finish viewing this post you will fall in love with this couple.
BOTTOM OF THIS POST!! You'll be certain in burning at least 400 calories from gut wrenching laughter.

Goodness, where do I start. I promise I don't say this just to say it when I say it. I LOVED shooting for this couple. Melissa and Tam were SO STINKING FUN! Remember their engagement session? Among my favorites of 2010. The wedding was no different. They are the kind of couple that oozes rockstar-ness but have an approachable HILARIOUS side that makes them THEM. Surrounded by some amazing friends and family as well. I even got to meet a Bay Area icon that left a lasting impression in my high school days, (look below).
Wedding was at The Galleria in San Fransisco. Awesome place!! Ceremony was in Saint Patrick's on Mission St. This was the backdrop for all the festivities. I'll never tire of SF weddings. We have it so good here, (sorry for the brag rest-of-the-world).
Second shooter was my trusty sidekick Quan and assistant on this one was Ed Tran. Thanks guys!!!

Thanks for the look everyone. Got more goodies in the bag coming soon. :)
Happy Tuesday!


Quan's. Love this.

This diptych rocks. Love


Just before the ceremony.....

Giants mania
Candid. :)

This wraps them up as a couple pretty well. Sophisticated and Fun all at once.

Recognize her? Read below.

A guest that found out Sam Hassas was shooting the wedding......true story.

TAM MADE THE CAKE!!!! He's a chef. :D

They announced to the wedding that Melissa is PREGGERS!!!
you look so happy here Melissa.
I give to you, THE VOICE OF THE BAY AREA!!! Renal Brooks!!! (Aunt of the groom)

Melissa & Tam | love story from IQvideography on Vimeo.

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