London's Grace, American Eyes


What seemed to hit me the hardest was how aged everything was. The oldest of man-made architecture here in the States is only roughly 200 years old. London boasts a very rich history. Amazing really.

While there I saw, Water Lilies by Monet, a Banksy piece, the original Burberry store, red cars, red buses, red shoes, red lips and at the end caught a red-eye home.

London's Graces, American Eyes.

won't lie. when I heard I cried. I was a fan.

The gentleman on the right allowed me to shoot him and his Leica M9. Thanks for the portrait Dick. :) I hope to one day have this much swagger.

red. You won't need to be there more then 4 minutes to realize what color Brits love to accent with.

Perhaps my most favorite image of the trip. Saw the opportunity within 3 seconds of taking the shot. The gentleman in the rear of the bus flipped me off soon after.

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