Savannah Georgia :: Melanie & Arnel

Dear Silicon Vally,

Why can't you be nice like folks from the South?

This shoot took place in Savannah Georgia. Melanie is from California. So is Arnel. So is Sam. WHY were we there? Because Savannah is awesome that's why! Truthfully though, it also has to do with the fact that Arnel proposed to Melanie while on a trip to Savannah a year before! :) This is one GEM of a city! There no place like it and shooting there was just plain cheating. I'll be forever in love.

Attention current and soon-to-be couples!

Why would a couple fly me and themselves out across the world JUST to have an engagement session? Because it's special folks. You only get one go at this, (well, it's supposed to be that way at least). Why not do it in style? One day Arnel and Mel will be married 50+ yrs and their grand kids will be looking through these pics. My only thought would be how cool my GP's are! It's your day guys, lets make it uber awesome. Thank you M&A for the trusting me with shooting your engagement session. It was an honor and I think we did awesome! :)

While I was there my darling couple suggested I try Mrs. Wilkes Boarding House as a place to have breakfast. Dear God Almighty. It did NOT disappoint.

"But...but but.. but Paula Dean?"

Barf. Paula Dean didn't stack up in the least bit. As the locals. MWBH WINS!!!
Okay I'm hungry. Bye!


The Philippines!

love bir....yeah, you get it.

Forest Gump anyone? Yes, it was filmed mostly in Savannah. THE bench was seconds from this walkway.
Shot amongst garage cans in San Shot amonst garbage cans in Savannah? Yes! I don't know why it works. It just does.

So Savannah has many legends one of which is that it's haunted. Thought this was a great homage to this enchanted towns reputation.

Big thanks to the Avia Hotel for allowing us to take this shot behind their front desk.
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