The Mansfields

2 blog posts in one day? Yeah, I know. I'm crazy like that.

Most followers of my blog know the large role that The Genesis Workshop has played in my life. With complete honesty I can say that I recommend any photographer to go when wanting to climb the ladder and get to that next level in their work. It's simply a superb workshop. I'm honored and humbled to be a part. This year after the workshop our founding members asked the ever humbling request of having me shoot their family. EEk! I don't know what caused more butterflies, teaching at the workshop or this shoot.

For all the students that were at G2 this they are!

Blog family, say hello to the Mansfields...

Jeff, Melanie, Peyton, Parker, Mabry and Fin

I should note that BOTH Mel and Jeff have done something extraordinary in that they BOTH have drop 50lb in the last several months!! These are good Southern folks with huge hearts and tons of sass. Now just thinner. :)

I'd be remiss for not mentioning the HUGE amount of help I had on this shoot as well. We were a large army locked and loaded with gear and glass.

Lisa, thank you.
Shane, thank you.
Jon-Mark, thank you.
Amy-Dale, thank you.

I can't mean it enough. Check out the last few pics and links to all these talented photographers websites towards the end of this post. All students of Genesis and we couldn't be prouder.


Music plays a huge role in their lives. It also palyed a large role in our shoot. This is Fin. YES he's very squeezable.

Rockwell inspired.

Peyton. One of my faves.

The Mansfields...Behind the scenes!!

The entourage. New record I think.'re a prince of a human being. Thanks for the help, (and modeling the light)
Amy Dale!
Shane and Jon-Mark. Well, part of Jon-Mark.
Thank you Jon-Mark, Shane, Lisa and Amy-Dale.
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