Danbo Collections V

If you still didn’t hear about Danbo then you should know that Danbo is little cardboard internet celebrity who has became pretty popular in recent time.When you see such bizarre thing then you could think about that it is probably from Japan. Well, it is not so bizarre, we have seen worst things believe me. However Danbo remains popular on the Internet and various artists are making creations and photo-stories related to this little cardboard hero.

Danbo is shortened name from Danboard, it is a robotic sculpture made from cardboard. You will also notice that it has huge Amazon logo on its head. This little robot is a cardboard recreation of Danbo/Miura figurine. Here you can se a few of photos where different artists tried to tell us a story about the exciting life of Danbo. I think there is no need to explain that sparkling-butt Danbo image. It is enough to tell that this little sparkling-butt figure is created in Japan and that should be enough for everyone :)

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