Nikia & Q :: Wedding

Probably the most emotion filled wedding I've been to all year. I was even getting teary eyed at many of the several parts of the day as it unfolded. You might remember Nikia & Q from their engagement session I shot a few months back. Full of style and pizazz these two.

Holy huge wedding party Batman! 10, count em 10 brides maids! I couldn't even get them all together in my montage, I had to break it up in 2. Fun group who were very supporting and genuinely loved their friends, Nikia & Q.

Okay, Q gets the stud trophy of the year for what he did/gave Nikia as a gift on their wedding day. Check it-------A MERCEDES!! What you see just before the mercedez montage is a picture book he put together of their love story. He actually made Nikia read it out loud page for page and when she got toward the end of the book she fell apart. I fell apart. We all fell a part! He then brings her right outside the reception hall and park right in front is Nikia's new wheels. So much emotion and joy. It was as if we all got a Mercedec.

Big thanks to Rob for helping out as a second on this one. Came through bro. Hope you had as much fun as I did. If you're a friend or family to Nikia and Q, please feel free to say a little something to the newlyweds if you'd like. Much blessings and enjoy the images.


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