The Hassas Boys

Thought it's been a while since I posted some shots of my own family. Life at the Hassas house has been quite eventful actually. A couple weeks ago the whole house was sick. Jon~Paul, (my younger one cut his first two "teefers". Ethan, (Superboy) was bit by a mosquito 5 times just before waking up one morning. Problem is, he's allergic just like his momma. Moni sent me a text image of him while I was driving home from shooting a wedding in Sacramento. I arrived home at midnight and the 2 of us spent 3 hours at the emergency checking this out to make sure it wouldn't get worse.

Now no one can accuse me of never posting family pics. Hope all is well. Take care.


Jon~Paul, A.K.A. - Goo-Goo's

Poor guy.
Here he is, very tired and traumatized by the 2 shots the doctor had to give him in the butt. Even still he can't forget it. If I ask him what the doctor did he furrows his eyebrows, make a mean face and says, "he hurted my boodie"

Any resemblance between us? A little maybe, right?
Next day in a much chipper mood after eating a grilled cheese. Who wouldn't be?
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