Danielle & Michael :: Wedding

Had the pleasure of shooting with a good photographer friend mine in Florida over the weekend.
Tony Schreiber was an extremely gracious host along with his wife Maggie, daughter Alex & son Max. (Don't tell Alex but I used her toothbrush and she'll probably get cooties now.) Good times man. Had a blast taring you up on Rock Band, (not really, he smoked me). Thanks again, Tony.

The flight was SOOOOOOO long. And if flying across the U.S. isn't enough, I had a layover in N. Carolina. When I finally got to Florida, (first time by the way) the weather was just great. I have to say though that the humidity there was crazy. NOTHING like anywhere I've been. Best way to describe it is it felt like I was in the shower the whole time I was there.

The Wedding was a very grand affair with no details missed. It took place of a very nice part of North Miami called Williams Island. The wedding party was HUGE, (22 altogether not including the bride and groom) and everyone looked like they had walked out of magazines. Very classy folks. This wedding even had a 10 piece Latin band. I'm gonna guess they were Cuban. So good! Did a montage just for them. This wedding was a real blast, and I hope it's not my last time in Florida either(wink, wink). Enjoy the shots!


Little bonus montage of Tony the Tiger. He's is a beast at rock band! Look at his fancy shirt, ppffff. Thay don't make clothes like that for guys my size :(
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