Talisha & Ephraim :: Engagment Session

Hotness! Loved everything about this session. Talisha & Ephraim were almost models for me. (I should have paid them ;) I think I said, "Oh, THAT'S gonna be awesome" about 10 times. You guys are high style. You'll have no problem pulling off Moulin Rouge, (theme for their wedding) for your big day. It's gonna be awesome!!

Shot this one in downtown Los Gatos. LOTS of great colors and architecture to work with. Good thing for Ephraim is he's quite the athlete. I couldn't have asked too many clients to pull off the bench shot. You rocked it bud. Enjoy the shots and we'll see you guys early next year. Friends and family of T & E, feel free to leave a comment below. Take care.


Why a shot with them holding up green gourds?? I say why not!!? :)

The outakes of this were hilarious. Ephraim, you da man!!

This is awesome on so many levels. We had to get permission to get this one. I love it!!

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