Amanda & Matt :: Engaged

Such a spirited, fun couple. I'll have the pleasure of shooting for Amanda & Matt's wedding in Sept in Michigan. Amanda's brother is Phillip, who's wedding I shot the last quarter of 08'. If I ever felt like I caught the spirit of a couple during a session I did here. Genuinely sweet folks and the session was extra awesome with the presences of 2 good friends, Brian and Maurice. Thanks for the tag-team guys. Always a pleasure.

Enjoy the shots guys. Tune in for 2 more sessions I plan on posting later tonight and tomorrow. I also haven't forgot about the official naming of the tick who bit me. Kinda sounds like a movie title there doesn't it, "The tick who bit me". Yay!

One of my fav's from the day.

Big thanks to Bycycles! in downtown pleaston for being so kind in letting us use the bikes for a few shots.


I love this. Reminds me of the one scene from Alien.
I told them to give me gangsta rapper. Yeah?
Ready? 1, 2, 3....awwwwww.
THIS is Amanda & Matt. :)

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