The MV Napa

I had the honor of shooting for the Golden Gate Bridge a few weeks ago. Yes, THE Golden Gate Bridge. In their role as providers of transportation for the lovely city of San Fransisco, they were mandated in having to purchase a marine vehicle, (thus, the MV Napa) to further their border of helping folks get from point A to point B. Long story short, The GGB bought the MV Napa, a ferry that had it's official commissioning June 10th. Several VIPs were present including a spokesperson from the White House who presented the GGB committee with a our glorious flag that had been flown over the White House just days before this event. Yours truly was there to capture it all.

The MV Napa will be harbored in Napa California, thus the name. The ceremony was there as well. To everyone's surprise, the sun completely disappeared. Everyone was expecting a scorcher of a day with the festivities being in Napa and all. We never saw the sun, rather we had a cool, overcast VERY windy day. I loved it.

Talent is a wonderful thing to have. One's talent will take them to the fulfillment of dreams. Talent mixed with hard work is a recipe for success in any path of life. That said, I'd be remiss not to mention that knowing the right people does what talent and hard work can't sometimes. I'm glad I know Ms. Kellee Hopper. Thank you, Kellee, for the shout to the powers that be over there at the GG Bridge. You are a wonderful person, and Moni and I are consider you as one of our closest friends. Homemade burgers on me? ;)

Thanks for the look everyone.

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