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Husband and wife team, Lisa & Jonas Tichenor, (Tish-ner) came to me needing some company branding photos along with head-shots for the company. I'm finding that brand photography is very satisfying work. Though my first love is wedding photography, it's a great break every now and then to explore other parts of the world of photo. Being creative with creative people is REALLY cool. Both Jonas & Lisa were news reporters and Jonas is actually an award-winning broadcast journalist. Let's make some magic.

Purpose for the shoot was to have professional images for their marketing. Cards, mailers, pamphlets and everything web. I think we got somewhere guys. :) The session wasn't complete without some fun shots of them as a family just being them. The little darling is their daughter Abigale. SUCH a ham.

Thanks for the look see everyone. Happy Tuesday.


You want concepts? How's this?

Of course I got one of them with out the plants in front of their faces. Not nearly as awesome though. ;)
In my top 10 most favorite family portraits. Dead serious.
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