Los Gatos Engagement Session :: Faye & Herny

Why do they call it a trombone anyway. Is there such an animal called the Trom who's bones resemble this burly instrument?

Faye plays violin

Henry plays the trombone.

Together they make music that makes the heart siiiiiiiiiiiiiii........OH, sorry about that. Some sap got on my keyboard and the key got stuck. So yeah, they play instruments. We decided it would be awesome to shoot their session around 2 passions. Each other and their music. It was also their idea to go full bore on outfits. It worked soooooo well!! It rained like cats and dogs, (would that be cool if the sky actually did that) and we still managed to make some awesome. These guys will be getting married at an AWESOME venue in S.F. I've been patiently waiting to give my take on The Julia Morgan Ballroom for a while now. YAY FOR FAYE AND HENRAY, (See what I did there? I purposely misspelled Henry's name to make it all rhyme)

Big ups to my man Bryan Stapleton for helping out as an assistant on this bad boy. Seriously, when it rains this hard during a second, I'm VERY appreciative for the help. Your a rockstar B. Also, a BIG thank you to the Hotel Los Gatos for allowing us the opportunity to come shoot on your grounds. Our dry feet thank you. :)

Thanks for the look see folks. Happy Thursday.
My wifes fav. Has the wife seal of approval.

So dig her expression
My fav I think.
Love this one too.
Ooooo, forgot this one.
A happy mistake. I really dig this one.
How can I saw this without meaning what it really means but I want it to mean. Henry, YOU look like a PIMP in this shot! Pure stud my friend.
Literally the last shot of the day. Yes, I was laying in a 1 inch puddle of water.
This was basically the process. Bryan keeps my girl dry, I prepare the shot, he moves out, I take the shot, he jumps back in. Wash, rinse, repeat.
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