The Balloon Engagement Session :: Anna & Chris

While editing these, I smiled the whole time. :D

I have to come clean and admit the balloons were not my idea, they were Anna's. Good idea guys. I think we did well. I get to shoot their wedding in just a couple weeks. Another fun one in Sac-town. Thanks for being awesome guys. With your spunk, I imagine the wedding will be a blast.

I actually uploading this blog post from my buddy Spencer's couch here in Tuson AZ. Tomorrow we visit his studio, eat hot pockets and then shoot gun's in the desert. Fun will be had, cacti will be hugged.

For those that don't know, Spencer is the brilliance behind PRESTOPIA, the best solution for making any photographers images go from meh to WOW. Check them out. You get $5 off if you mention your truly. :) Use this coupon code: samgotdahookup

What wizardry is this!!?

a fave.

Doesn't this picture make you happy?
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