The Davis Family in Des Moines Iowa...part two!

Chris and Sarah, you have a wonderful family. Thank you for introducing me.

You'll recognize these great people from a shoot we had with them about a year ago when I traveled out to Des Moines Iowa. Chris and Sarah operate a SLAMMIN photography studio, newly branded, "Lucky Soda Photography" In short, they are tearin it up in their part of the world.

We did a short session with them and later that evening had a mini photography seminar with the local yokels. Met a lot of sweet people and even got to share the platform with my SUPER good photographer friend, Evan Baines. He even came out to the shoot and squeezed off a roll of film.

Wanted to say thank you to Kevin from Sharp Capture Studios for providing some AWESOME behind the scenes images. Big ups to Joey Early and Life Art Photographs Laura Beekmann of for coming out just to chill. Des Moines.... Prepesent!! You can see the behind the scene shots HERE.

Lastly.....Iowa is crazy. We had mosquitoes the size of helicopters and grasshoppers straight out of the book of Exodus. Dude. When I went to my hotel room that night, I counted 29 bites. NO exagerration. Would I do it again? Yes.


Stop for a second and look at this photo below with me. There is more to it then just what lies at the surface.

This image struck my profoundly and I consider it something that will be shared and viewed by the family as a representation of EXACTLY who these angels over the years go by. This is the RAWEST of a family photo. Each with a personality all their own, all 4 completely taken up in the moment. I love it and have been enamored by it the last couple days. One of my most favorite photos ever taken.

I love this.
Like a scene straight out of the Bible. Dude, Iowans are crazy people for dealing with this. I've NEVER seen anything like this in California. At one point I was being carried off the ground by all the bugs. Luckly, I'm the opposite of a bulimic and the load was still too great for them.
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