Abigale :: Children's Portrait Session

Say hello to this cutie. Abigale was a very small portion as subject of my lens a few months back when I had a commercial branding session with her Mom and Dad. This time however, it was the Abigale show. :)




She was so delightful. Such a fresh face. I think the backdrop for her was perfect for her. The yellow truck was such an awesome find. Contrast on her polka dot dress and red bow was perfect. Lisa & Jonas, I offer 16 of my finest elephants and 7 of my best giraffes and 2 hand made, flower dyed rugs for your daughters hand in marriage to my son Ethan. ;) Hey, it could happen.

Happy Tuesday.


Seconds after we got this shot, the balloons slip out of her hands and flew away. She even waved goodbye. :)
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