Tupelo Children's Mansion :: Mississippi

Never in my journeys as a photographer have I been moved so much by the subjects of my lens then this. Many times during my stay at Tupelo I was moved to tears. While editing these photo the last couple of days I've shed tears. Why?

Tupelo Childrens Mansion is an orphanage in Tupelo Mississippi. It has a history now of 55+ years since its humble beginnings in 1951. Their mission: to offer hope to orphaned or disadvantaged children by providing their physical, spiritual, emotional, social, and educational needs.

Why was I there?
They actually have a on site photography team. Though the blogsphere someone from the campus made it to my site. Contact was made, and the idea of me coming down to Mississippi to do some shooting/training was established. the rest is history.

As I toured the 40+ acre campus I was moved over and over again. My thoughts were, "what an AWESOME place!". So many faces. Each with a past. Some good, others not so pleasant. The conditions some of the children arrive to The Mansion in would squeeze even the most callus of hearts. It was a tremendous experience. I look forward to going back. Thank you TCM for having me! Thanks to Burton Garr for being the tour guide and the photography team for being awesome hosts.

What can I do?
In a couple days I will have a link available to those wanting to help. My service to the Mansion was done completely pro bono. In way of paying it forward I'm establishing a means to help the mansion. If EVER there was a cause to give of your abundance THIS is it. It's completely worthwhile. You see a link and some other images from the shoot on Monday. Till then, I leave you with this, my take on Tupelo Children's Mansion via picture. Be blessed.

Children are our most valuable natural resource.

~Herbert Hoover


Campus President and his wife Stephan & Erma Judd
To help kids you have to be kids yourself. ;)
I was welcomed to this. Awwwwwwww. Before I go, I have to say this. Southern Hospitality is REAL!!!!!! You folks know how to make a guest welcome. Love you all.

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