East Bay Wedding Photographer :: Genesista & Vicente

The officiant affectionately referred to the groom as monkey......

The officiant is also his new Father-in-Law....


Enter Genista & Vicente. Shot for these guys some months for there e-session. Have a look here. Lots of love and a rowdy group of friends always makes for some good picture taking.

Genista father is a minster and filled the roll of F.O.B. as well as officiant. Did a great job and had the place in stitches when it was all said and done.
Note to all the men out there. If the girl you're going to marry that has a father that is comfortable with a microphone in his hand and equally as comfortable slicing you to bits in front of everyone you've ever known, you might want to save some bribery money before hand to keep your secrets locked away. You've been warned....You just had to be there. Pretty hilarious.

Congrats on the marriage guys. Hope life brings you Infinite amounts of joy in the coming years.

Happy Thursday!!!


OH!!!! Don't you just want to squeeze her. This little darling stole the show. Such a cutie

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