Houston Wedding Photographer :: Rebekah & Brad

If you're a current client and we have a session planned soon, please please PLEASE consider this session for inspiration. HOLY WOW. THIS session is bananas. Absolute BANANAS!!! Wardrobe, location, theme... I loved it ALL.

Houston TEXAS

Your truly took a flight once again to the Big state of Texas to shoot another engagement session for this FAB couple. Rebekah and Brad walked out of a J-Crew catalog and somehow landed in front of my camera. This is just too easy. If that wasn't enough, every cloud in Texas decide not to come to the sky that day giving me the most EPIC sunset lighting to work with. We had 8 cylinders....... we banged on all of them.

Our session went down in Houston, but more specifically in a place called "Sugarland". Lots of culture, greenery and life. This location fit the couple hand in glove. Gawwwh!! I just can't say enough. I'll be back real soon to document the wedding! The Wedding will go down at this really sweet looking venue called Las Velas in Houston. Photographers playground. Thank you for having me guys. I think we did alright here. :)


My wife Monica is amazing. When I'm at a wedding and a groom is giving his vows
I think about my wife Monica. I get teary eye EVERY SINGLE TIME. I love love love her. BABE, you're my partner in crime. No one believes in me more then you do. FACT!!! (and I don't tell you that enough sweetheart. **sniff sniff*).

Why am I talking about her? Monica my wife has an alias. That alias is Mrs. Darcy. Jane Austin fans will get the reference. The beautiful hair accessories worn by Rebekah, (green & champagne headbands ) here were HANDMADE and created with love by Moni. She has an Etsy store that is robust all things pretty. She LOVES doing this. We have no need at all financially for her to do this and it is purely out of passion for her. She gets this cute sparkle and glow when she see's someone at our church or a friend who is wearing something she made.In my 250 posts to this blog I've yet to mention her little endeavor here. I'm just proud of her and decided to break silence. Go see her stuff and fill her page with comments about how awesome she is.......... for me? :)

I love you Hon.

Did I just blog 2 session in one morning!? I did. I did


Happy Thursday folks!

LOVE these two shots. The angel. The stud.

Real men hold red balloons.

Hand-band by Mrs Darcy. :)
I could hardly pick a fav in this set but if I absolutely had to........THIS. A fresh young couple TOTALLY in love ready to take on the world. Go get em' Rebekah and Brad.
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