4 Sisters :: Family Session

Meet Leah, Vanessa, Melissa & baby Taylor. Every now and then I get the feeling that subjects are too easy to photograph. This was one of those sessions. All beautiful and with such awesome personalities to work with. Baby Taylor HAS to be one of the easiest toddlers I've worked with. She smiled SOOOOO much. It was too easy almost. Hope you didn't mind mom, I snuck one of you in there. :)

My wife had a hard time with this session. She peeks over my shoulder every now and then to see what I'm working on. With this set, she would walk in, look at how precious Taylor was, squeal and then storm off with comments like, "we need a girl" or "not fair, boys clothes are no where near as cute". (For those that don't know, we have 2 boys). All I'm saying is the baby factory is closed sweetheart. Love you babe.

Really love the "Charlies Angels" shot of the girls and the last one of Taylor with the red knit hats kills me. Took out the "Hassas" chair on this shoot as well. The red velvet really worked well here. Also the pink and brown coat shots were magic. Loved that.

Hope everyone has a splendid New Years. 09' is looking quite busy. As it stands I have 25 weddings booked with about 10 other consultations scheduled for the next couple weeks. Hope 09' rocks for everyone. Better book me now before I'm famous :) Much love.


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