Ashley & Erik :: Engagement

Just woke up from a 3 day nap. The Tryptophan in the monster turkey I cooked last week had me out! Finally back on track. I've had 5 turkey sandwiches since Thursday. And you? Still have enough for about 20 more. Need some suggestions for other leftover turkey ideas. Anyone? Turkey was so good. I'm in charge for the Christmas Turkey this year. Enough already, on with my super duper clients.

I'd like to introduce Ashley & Erik. These two love bugs will be tying the knot the 14th of Feb 09'! That's right, Valentines day falls on a Saturday next year. From what I'm reading, it looks to be a really big day for weddings. Maybe even as big as 7/7/7 or this years 8/8/8. It's gonna rock!

Took them to Vasona Park in Los Gatos. Such a pretty place. HUGE as well. Almost overwhelming how many opportunities it provided. Thanks for being such awesome sports you two. Erik put on a street cone and was "street cone monster" in one of our shots below. I LOVE it! And you said you were shy. By the end of the night they were both up to anything. I love that.
Best part about this session was they opted to have a sign in guest book made from the images from our session here. I'll post it when it's complete. The 14th of February can't come soon enough guys. Enjoy the planning and the pics .We'll see you next year. Take care.


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