Mia's First Day Of School :: Slideshow

If you're family to Mia go grab a box of tissues. You'll need em. As a father myself I realize the amazing speed in which our children grow up. Mia, your parents held you with just one hand, it felt like yesterday. You we're such a big girl, not even crying as your parents left that afternoon. The same can't be said for them. You'll understand when you get older. We're all so proud of you.

Mia is a niece to me and Steven, (daddy in the sideshow) is my brother-in-law. Him and his wife Kelly are not only family but dear friends. They'll be here for the Christmas Holidays. I love this time of year. :) They are a wonderful family and are starting a church in the city of San Rafael California. Real Life Church

This will end up as a story book. The first image is the cover of the book as well. Be sure to turn the speakers up. Merry Christmas everyone.

Slideshow: Mia Grace Caballero


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