Nelli & Marius :: Chicago Engagement

**Que Frank Sinatra**

"Chicago, Chicago that toddling town
Chicago, Chicago I'll show you around - I love it"

Yeah Chicago!! WHAT. A. CITY. I loved it there and that's sayin a lot as I'm in the Bay Area have S.F. as a neighbor. Honestly though, Chicago is like 7 San Fransisco's. It's skyline is HUGE. What was I doing there? Shooting these guys. :)

Meet Nelli & Marius. I'll have the pleasure of shooting their wedding in just a few weeks here in Sacramento. Reason we were in Chicago was for Marius's brothers wedding. I shot Claudia & Ovi's wedding, (which is looking pretty epic, wow) the day before. We were there, I had my gear, why not shoot the engagement. You guys are awesome. These guys compliment each other well. And what's up with God giving all the good looks to the Romainans? Sheeesh, not fair.

Big ups to my man Fabian of FH Images for helping out as assistant. He uses a Nikon and he sucks for that but otherwise he's a cool dude. ;) Thanks again bro. You came through mang.
Happy Monday everyone. Cheers.

Annnnnnd que Celine Dion.

This was in Chicago's famous underground Freeway. Crazy! I've never seen anything like it. Maruis told me that the latest Batman movie was shot here along with a list of many other car scenes from other hollywood movies.

Shot this on the "L", Chicagos elevated monorails system. We had to beg the gal in the fair booth to let us shoot. Thanks fair lady. :)

Annnnnnnnd we end with awesome.
Fabian holden it down. Thanks dude.

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